Watch How R2-D2 Became a Hero Among Droids


We no longer have May the Fourth as an excuse for the release of delightful “Star Wars Blips” animated shorts, but thankfully they just keep on coming.

“Fan Droids,” released Sunday, shows a group of adoring droids (including the cutest spheric object of all time, BB-8) watching filmed footage of R2D2 as he schools the Galactic Empire in series of robotic hi-jinks.

In another recently released clip, little BB-8 comes face to face with BB-9E — his double from the dark side. Everybody’s favorite little droid obviously attempts to befriend his evil twin, and let’s just say it doesn’t exactly go so well. See for yourself:

With all the teasers, narrative hints, and vast array of canonical material out there on the internet to parse through between movies, it’s nice to get a little Star Wars action here and there that’s purely geared for giggles.

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