If You Tweet #NBAFinals Today a Little Trophy Symbol Shows Up, Which Is Tight

Twitter is dumb

Diggity diggity damn!

Confession: I am the person who freaks out over stupid, trivial, patently millennial bullshit — when Snapchat jumped off with a special “Me & Bae” filter on Valentine’s Day, I must have sent like, 2200 snaps of me with a Straw-Ber-Rita or whatever.

Today, just like when the World Cup was happening — remember Hashflags?! — Twitter has rolled out a Larry O'Brien emoji that pairs with the "#NBAFinals" hashtag. How cute is that lil guy? You don't even have to click the text to enact the usual hashtag search, you can just click the lil trophy guy. You can also jam the team logos in there with the #CLE, #AllinCLE, #GSW and #DubNation hashtags. Twitter!

This is where a blog post might wrap up with, hey, these doodles could be "the future of Twitter." But that presumes Twitter has a future, which it doesn't. All I'm saying is, the little trophy character is a cute thing that might even make you want to do something you should never, ever do: tweet.