Medusa's Hair Looks Good in 'Inhumans' Trailer Thanks to a Short Cut


So far, all the early buzz around ABC and Marvel’s upcoming Inhumans TV series has been almost unanimously awful, and a lot of the criticism is being leveled against how awful and fake one character’s superpowered hair looks. But, a new trailer reveals that Medusa’s looking much, much more realistic thanks to a buzz cut.

The latest trailer, which hit the web on Monday, ends with a scene where the Inhuman queen steps out from behind a bus to kick her opponent’s ass. Curiously, she’s rocking a freshly shorn head, which is a bummer for a character whose superpower was having long prehensile locks.

It’s not at all a bummer for the animators behind Inhumans, since Disney explicitly wanted the series to be fast and cheap to make, according to director Roel Reine. Hair is notoriously hard to animate, so it really isn’t surprising that Inhumans struggled to pull it off.

It’s also not that surprising that Medusa loses her hair at some point in the series, making its on-screen depiction a moot point. Based on what we know of the plot — that Maximus (Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon) will overthrow Black Bolt and Medusa, causing them to flee from their home on the moon to Hawaii — it seems likely that Medusa will lose her hair pretty early in the series.

If Inhumans ever crosses over with the MCU films, Medusa and Thor can bond about their short new haircuts. But, before that happens, the Inhumans need to survive their own series, which premieres on November 3.

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