'The Tick' Addresses the Costume Change in the Best Possible Way

Understated AF.

Amazon Studios

The Tick trades costumes for something less Tick-inspired during the course of the new Amazon series. And the show commented on the costume change in a fun, understated way.

Minor spoilers ahead.

The pilot episode for The Tick was released in August 2016, with new episodes premiering in August 2017. In that time, the Tick team decided to switch up the hero’s costume. With such an obvious change in such a short time for most viewers, the show had to discuss it in some capacity, which happens almost immediately following its debut in The Tick’s second episode, “Where’s My Mind?”

After being thrown from a window by The Tick (played by Peter Serafinowicz) for his own protection, Arthur (played by Griffin Newman) flees the scene and eventually stops in an alleyway. There, The Tick meets up with him, and Arthur finally realizes that the Wild Blue Yonder is not wearing the costume that he (and we) saw in the pilot episode. Instead of a scaly muscle suit, The Tick’s costume is now a deeper shade of blue, smoother, and more angular.

“Did you, uh? You look kinda, uh, different,” Arthur says. The Tick’s response: “Thanks!” Arthur lets out a frustrated gasp and the show moves on.

Arthur notices that The Tick looks a little different.

Amazon Studios

Behind the scenes decisions often affect the entertainment we consume, with casting changes being some of the most prominent shifts. But only series like The Tick, which veers into meta-textual territory to comedic effect, could do it in such an great, offhanded manner, without turning it into a plot point.

The first half of The Tick: Season 1 is available for streaming on Amazon.

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