Rainn Wilson Wants You to Watch 'Star Trek: Discovery' With Him

Harry Mudd might have caused problems for the crews of the Enterprise and the Discovery, but in the real world, he wants to cozy up with you and watch Star Trek together. Rainn Wilson is offering Trekkies a chance to go with him to the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery. All he wants you to do in return is donate to a worthy cause.

On Monday, Wilson announced his new Prizeo initiative which benefits educational opportunities in Hati. Wilson describes it like this: “My wife, Holiday, and I started LIDÈ Haiti to help provide education to girls in rural Haiti. We use the arts to empower the girls in this community, and the results have been spectacular.”

For Trekkies anxious to get a taste of what Discovery will be like, the prize of hanging out with the new Harry Mudd and the rest of the cast is pretty sweet.

Notably, these kinds of charities are all the rage with big sci-fi actors these days. As part of the promotion for the The Last Jedi, Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill have been offering similar prizesin exchange for donating to a variety of charities via Omaze.

What’s funny and distinctive about Wilson’s initiative is how opposite it runs to the dastardly character of Harry Mudd. In the original series, Mudd accidentally trapped the entire Enterprise crew in a colony of robot duplicates. In Discovery, Mudd looks to be even darker.

But Rainn Wilson, geek icon for countless, continues to be one of the coolest and nicest guys in the final frontier.

Star Trek: Discovery hits CBS Access on September 24. The special preview screening of the first episode is on September 19 in Los Angeles.

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