'Super Troopers 2' Blesses Stoners on Their National Holiday

Steve Lamme, who plays Mac Womak in the 'Super Troopers' sequel, teases 'a very obvious date' in the spring of 2018.

Fox Searchlight

Pack your vapes, roll your spliffs, and stock up on edibles, because Super Troopers 2 promises to be a truly wild ride. In a recent interview with the Vermont independent outlet Seven Days, Steve Lamme, who plays Mac Womak in the original, teased a release date for the highly anticipated Super Troopers 2 as a “very obvious date, which happens to fall on a Friday” in the spring of 2018. A quick google search confirms that 4/20, the national holiday for stoners all across America (and indeed the world), falls on a Friday in 2018.

Further evidence to support the unofficial announcement? As spotted by Indiewire, Fox Searchlight originally had Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dog listed as an April 20, 2018, release but recently pushed up the date to March 23, 2018 — most likely to accommodate Super Troopers fans as they prepare in the only way they know how for the cult comedy sequel to take to the big screen.

Lamme also reveals in the Seven Days interview that the gnarliest sex scene in Broken Lizard history is headed our way. Mac and Farva will indeed get it on, and Lamme described shooting the scene five times simply because director Jay Chandrasekhar wanted to torture him despite nailing the shot on the first take. Kevin Heffernan, who plays Farva, also did his best to make the whole experience terrible, according to Lamme:

You know, you can tell a lot about what kind of a lover a person is based on how they do their love scene. There’s an etiquette when you do a love scene, something called “mouth maintenance.” You brush your teeth, pop in a breath mint, put on lip balm. You make it nice for your partner. Kevin did none of that stuff.
It was burrito day at lunch that day, so he ate two burritos before we filmed the love scene. The gum he was chewing … He does this thing called “Farva gum,” where he gets so into character as Farva that he chews the same piece of gum all day long. So he gets to set at 6 a.m., chews the gum for six hours, takes it out at lunch, then puts it back in in his mouth and chews it for another six hours. Then he swallows it. He’s method.
So, when it came time to shoot the scene, all the action was gone in that gum. The first kiss … I can still taste the salsa in his mouth. The second take, his mustache was just wet. And he says it’s because it was burrito day and he was just sweating.
Our tongues touched. I’m pretty sure he did it on purpose, just to gross me out. Then, on the fourth take, he pushed the little nasty piece of gum right in my mouth. His claim there was, “I was done with that.”

Though the official announcement hasn’t been made, save 4/20 of 2018 for Super Troopers 2 to take you to highs you’ve never experienced before.

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