Twitter Confronted Macklemore About His Neo-Nazi Haircut

What what, what, what?


Not all heroes wear capes; some of them wear your granddad’s clothes.

Macklemore proved that he remains a cold-ass honkey when he quickly disavowed his iconic haircut Tuesday via Twitter. The short-on-the-sides, long-on-top style that he first popularized has now become the mane du jour of the white nationalist movement.

Notable Macklemore-haired white nationalists include Richard Spencer, president of a white supremacist think-tank and punch-receiver, and the Charlottesville protest attendee who was publicly disowned by his family Monday.

Richard Spencer enjoying a serene moment when no one is punching him for being a neo-Nazi. 

Getty Images / Tasos Katopodis

When Jon Hendren, prominent Tweeter, pointed this similarity out, and called on Macklemore to reject the haircut that he once championed.

Macklemore could have easily ignored this tweet. He’s on tour right now, he’s a celebrity, and this call for his denunciation was obviously kind of a joke. But a mere one hour and nineteen minutes after the original tweet was issued, the Seattle rapper responded in the affirmative.

Succinct and to the point. The man who wrote segway anthem “Downtown” clearly does not mince words. Hendren was evidently grateful, though not grateful enough to capitalize the four-time Emmy winner’s name.

However, this quick rejection of the haircut did raise another question- what does Macklemore look like now? Apparently, he looks like this:

Which like, okay, I guess we can say that’s different. The top is definitely shorter, and it looks like he grew out the sides a bit too. Maybe? At least we know he’s not a racist.