Reddit Collects Tinder Pick-up Lines to Use If You're Feeling Weird

Hook, line, and Tinder. 

Getty Images / Leon Neal

Initiating a Tinder chat with something other than a generic “hey” or a graphic sexual suggestion might be a foreign concept to some, but Tinder masters know that clever pick-up lines are where it’s at.

The first step to using Tinder successfully is having an enticing profile. If you’re hot, that means you’ve got pictures showing your hot face and body, and your bio doesn’t say anything racist or sexist. If you’re not that hot, or you’re hot but also kind of an intellectual, that means you might have to make some jokes or include your height.

Many people plug all of their focus into crafting their profile, but that is a fool’s game. Because the moment you receive that “It’s a Match!” notification, the real challenge begins: the conversation. We turned once again to the Tinder subreddit to find the slickest opening lines in the game.

The Man With a Plan

This is definitely evocative, but you also have to wonder if he’s saying the same thing to all the other women he matches with. At least he eats vegetables.

The Sports Enthusiast

Wow, this conversation took an unexpected turn. Kind of like the sometimes unexpected feeling of … falling in love. Too bad the reaction image didn’t make it in here. It would be great to know whether or not this line was a … touchdown.

The Guy You Can Change

It can be really difficult dating someone who doesn’t share your interests. So how nice is it that this guy was willing to completely cut animal products out of his life for a stranger he met online?

The One Who Cares About Your Career

It’s so sweet when a guy is interested in what you do for a living. It shows that he cares not only about what that mouth does, but what that brain does.

The Summer Fling

This is a high-level pun, but I also kind of get why she didn’t respond. After all, April is the cruelest month, so April-mae have a bit of an icy side.