Here's Why Colin Firth's (Dead) Character Is Back For 'Kingsman 2'

It was never meant to be a franchise, but there is no 'Kingsman' without Galahad.

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It was revealed last year that Colin Firth’s Galahad would be returning for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, a bold move considering he was shot in the head in the first film. But now we know why the filmmakers decided to bring the character back.

“We thought of doing [the sequel] without Colin but it seemed not right,” Jane Goldman, co-writer of both Kingsman films, told io9. “And so, it was a matter of ‘How do we do this while still honoring the emotional moment that was?’ You don’t want to cheapen that. And you don’t want to be glib about it. Let’s honor what happened and continue that story along that path rather than just say, ‘Sorry, he’s not dead.’ We didn’t want to do that. So, I think it’s turned into something interesting.”

In the first Kingsman, Harry Hart, aka Galahad, was killed by Richmond Valentine (played by Samuel L. Jackson) after killing most of the people in a hate church, an act caused by Valentine activating a rage-inducing signal with altered SIM cards.

According to Goldman, Firth’s death was a product of them not thinking that Kingsman would become a franchise. “[Firth’s death] strikes the fact that there was never a plan to make this a franchise,” she said. “Matthew has always quite openly said that if he [had been] planning a franchise, we wouldn’t have killed Colin in the first. That is the bare truth of it.”

Based on the craziness of the first Kingsman, you can only imagine how they’ll explain Hart’s return in the sequel. But based on Goldman’s comments, it’ll at least be worthwhile.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle premieres September 22.

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