Reddit Unearthed The 5 Funniest Tinder Profiles

These users took it to the next level to make sure potential mates swiped right.

Getty Images / Leon Neal

When it comes to Tinder, it takes a lot to stick out from the crowd. After all, there are around 50 million Tinder users worldwide, and around 10 million of those people use the app on a daily basis.

And it’s easy to see why- judging people based on their looks is a ton of fun, and Tinder makes it so simple! All it takes is the flick of an index finger to categorize who you would or would not be down to take on one of the 1.5 million dates that Tinder makes happen every week.

But in a sea of heavily filtered selfies and guys holding fish, it can seem impossible to catch the eye of your next four or five special someones. We searched through Reddit’s r/Tinder for some examples of truly stand-out profiles to demonstrate just how creative some people can get in the pursuit of… romance. Yeah, let’s call it romance.

1. The Centerfold

This guy wants to make sure you’re getting a true-to-life experience when you look through his profile. I admire both his photo-editing skills (just like A$AP Rocky’s Instagram!) and his self confidence. This is a guy who isn’t afraid to show it all off, from his short-sleeved collared shirt to black socks. I personally love a man who I can picture gazing at me expectantly from a horizontal position. So. Hot.

2. Sick, dude!

Wow. It’s clear that this guy has already gone through some medical hardships, and those are probably worse than anything you will do to him. So manipulate away! Lead him on with reckless abandon! Because not texting him back after a mediocre second date definitely won’t hurt him as much as breathing tube insertion did.

3. Your new stepmom

This girl has a knack for addressing the tough questions head-on, and anticipating a potential mate’s needs. Why is one on Tinder? What do Tinder users typically discuss? It starts with an “s” and ends with an “-ex stuff”. Plus, it’s awesome when your new significant other gets along well with your parents.

4. The mature one

This is a woman who knows that the hottest thing a man can have is his own Wikipedia page. She might be looking to settle down, but she sure as hell isn’t looking to settle. She also might not be looking to settle down, and instead just be someone who enjoys some good wordplay. But one thing is certain: people who use “adulting” as a verb need not apply here.

5. The cliché-buster

Uh, is this Tinder profile kind of misogynistic? This guy doesn’t think so, and he’ll probably get really defensive if confronted about it! Either way, it’s clear that this guy is pretty witty and pretty well-versed in the wiles of women on Tinder. So ladies, do not try to trick this guy, or he will probably call you a bitch.