The Han Solo origin movie doesn’t premiere for another year, but Star Wars fans are already eagerly debating the subject of the franchise’s next spinoff. Well, if Disney is planning a traditional film — say, an Obi-Wan or Boba Fett backstory — they’re not thinking enough outside the box. They should instead consult Twitter’s trending hashtag #UnlikelyStarWarsSpinoffs.

Fans exercised their creative juices and reached for the worst (read: best) possible puns as the term began trending on Monday, seemingly after the user @TheUnlikelyGame suggested the idea: “Young Han Solo… We can do better…. let’s play #UnlikelyStarWarsSpinoffs.”

The hashtag has surfaced before: It was floating around in honor of Star Wars Day — i.e. May the Fourth (be with you) — in 2015, but didn’t trend heavily then.

Most of these new tweets were delightfully ridiculous puns on existing movies and TV shows:

Others were suggestions for films that no self-respecting fan would want to see. Obviously, these were mostly an opportunity to bash Jar Jar Binks:

Some ideas were bewildering but strangely compelling:

The Han Solo movie will premiere May 25, 2018. And after that, maybe “Teenage Mutant Jedi Turtles”? Disney, any thoughts?