Folks, Ghost Rider Has a Wooly Mammoth in Marvel’s Bonkers New Comic


Superhero comics can be brilliant, provocative, and gritty masterpieces, but they can also be truly, deeply stupid. This is a good thing, because if comics weren’t able to stop taking themselves seriously and just run with unfathomably ridiculous ideas, we would be missing out on Marvel’s upcoming series where Ghost Rider drives a flaming wooly mammoth instead of a motorcycle.

Marvel’s upcoming Legacy event will embrace the publisher’s history, and focus on the many different characters who have held iconic superhero identities over the year — especially in the Generations event series. That means that the comics will highlight both, Miles Morales and Peter Parker, for instance, but new previews reveal that the main series will go way, way back in time. Turns out, there were Avengers in the year 1,000,000 BC.

Now, ignoring the fact that human beings hadn’t even evolved one million years ago, this is a fun, stupid idea. Previews for the event show that some of the prehistoric Avengers include past hosts of the Phoenix and Iron Fist powers, as well as Thor’s father, Odin, and Agamotto of Dr. Strange fame.

Also, as the company revealed on Friday, there’s a Ghost Rider on a wooly mammoth.

Fuck yeah.Marvel.

There aren’t many additional details at this time, but I really can’t express just how wonderfully dumb this all is. Did the mammoth also make a deal with the devil? Was this how cavemen discovered fire? I must know.

Here are some of the other previews, though, sadly, they don’t involve wooly mammoths.

Odin. Marvel.
Black Panther. Marvel
Starbrand. Marvel
Agamotto the All-SeeingMarvel
Iron FistMarvel

Marvel Legacy #1 hits shelves on September 27.