A.I. 'Star Wars' Jedi Lay Waste to 'Game of Thrones' Army

A.I. creates a scence of lightsabers and horror.

The arcane powers and lightsaber prowess of 300 Jedi would likely demolish a vast army of medieval soldiers, even when outnumbered by some 60,000 armored men. We know this thanks to artificial intelligence (A.I.) in the computer game Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

The game simulates this Jedi-on-medieval soldiers scene in dramatic, lightsaber-slashing fashion. It allows users to pit a variety of armies against one another, such as zombies against Spartan soldiers; YouTube user SergiuHellDragoonHQ set a small band of Jedi against a massive, Game of Thrones-like legion.

The Jedi mowed down the soldiers and tossed them into the air like toys, defeating the hapless army in under 30 minutes. The entire “battle” is shown below.

Once a fight begins, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator uses A.I. to take control of the two armies, whatever they may be, so the user can observe the clash without having to coordinate any strategy.

In the case of the Jedi, the simulator clearly knew that The Force — a mystical and all-encompassing power in the Star Wars universe — was with each Jedi, and that the combined abilities of 300 Jedi would surely slaughter the approaching soldiers. The battle begins with the Jedi standing in a calm formation, awaiting the oncoming horde. But it quickly dissolves into a rampage.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator/SergiuHellDragoonHQ

The seven medieval-style kingdoms of the Game of Thrones realm — over which several houses are presently vying for power — may soon meet a mystical force comparable to the Jedi in the White Walkers. They’re an ancient race of terrifying humanoid figures that use magic to wage war, and unlike the Jedi, they seem to have a bloodthirsty, malicious intent.