Channing Tatum Hints at What to Expect from 'Gambit' Standalone

DC Comics, Wikimedia

While Gambit already had a run with Wolverine in New Orleans during 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the hope has been that he’ll get his own standalone feature at some point. Channing Tatum (Magic Mike XXL, Kingsman: The Golden Circle) will play Remy LeBeau in the upcoming Gambit film, which has been caught in production hell for the past few years.

But Tatum took some time at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con to talk about where the Gambit film is at, saying that the wild success of unconventional, R-rated superhero films Deadpool and Logan have been a bit inspirational.

“We got really lucky,” Tatum told Yahoo Movies. “We had a first draft, it was good, but we were coming to it at a time at that creative phase of [the X-Men], where these movies went through a bit of a paradigm shift, where the X-Men movies and the superhero movies with Logan and Deadpool really broke down a lot of doors for us. We were trying to do some things that we actually weren’t allowed to do, and they just smashed down the doors, so we’re giving it a bit of a rethink.”

Still, don’t get too into the idea of an R-rated Gambit film. Tatum isn’t ready to go all-in on a hard R rating, saying, “We’re not quite going there because I enjoyed Gambit as a kid so I don’t want to rule out PG-13.”

Then again, kids also really love Wolverine, but that didn’t stop Hugh Jackman and the gang from going hog wild with Logan.

Gambit does not currently have a premiere date.

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