This Map Shows What Each State 'Hates' the Most

What does New Jersey have against jellyfish?

People in Georgia hate tuna salad more than anything else, Delaware has no love for Casey Affleck, and Nevada thinks feminism is horrible.

Hater, a dating app that uses your dislikes to find you the perfect match, compiled over 500,000 people’s opinions on over 3,000 topics to determine what each state in the U.S. hates the most. The outcome is a weird and wonderfully hilarious map.

After launching in February, Hater began collecting “swipes” on its 3,000 topics, trying to figure out what people hate the most. Bringing people together over their dislike for Polo shirts and lukewarm feelings on anal sex resulted in a map cataloging “the topic with the largest negative discrepancy in each state” in comparison to the rest of the world, Alex of Hater told Inverse via email. Overall, Alex says, Hater’s topics have been swiped over 100 million times.

On Hater, users swipe one of four ways — down to hate, up to love, left to dislike, and right to like — to add that opinion to their profile. “Every topic in the app has a score between 0 & 1 based on how our users (globally) swipe on it,” Alex said. “The lower the score, the more hated the topic.”


So, basically, people in Missouri hate “people who believe in aliens” more than people anywhere else in the world, and people in Illinois can’t stand it when others bite string cheese.

Arizona falls in Anakin Skywalker’s footsteps; people there don’t like sand.

“Built on the philosophy that mutual dislikes can bring people closer than their shared interests,” Hater said in a press release, “Hater’s algorithm matches people by how much they like, dislike, love, or hate a given topic, ranging from cilantro to Trump.”

Sure, love may make the world go ‘round, but shared hatred is, apparently, the strongest bond (and it makes for funny maps).

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