Daniel Radcliffe Helps Rescue Mugging Victim, Seemingly Without Magic

by Monica Hunter-Hart
Getty Images / Jason Merritt

The news went viral on Wednesday that Daniel Radcliffe, star of Harry Potter, had witnessed a mugging in London and come to the victim’s rescue.

Just prior to the incident, which occurred last Friday, two suspicious figures were riding around aimlessly on a motorbike without a license and peering at passersby, according to witnesses. Suddenly, one of them dismounted and attacked a male tourist carrying a Louis Vuitton bag: The assailant slashed his face with a knife, grabbed the bag, and rode away.

The event had many observers — one of whom was no other than Daniel Radcliffe, the 27-year-old who lived.

Radcliffe apparently ran up to the man and “consoled” him, reports the BBC. The victim asked whether he was indeed Daniel Radcliffe, and the star confirmed.

Getting mugged is an atrocious crime that one should never have to suffer though. But if one does get mugged, the ideal aftermath is getting helped up by Harry Potter.

Radcliffe’s spokeswoman confirmed to the BBC that he was at the event.

Of course, this is the official story, approved for a Muggle audience. It could be a cover-up; maybe the man experienced a Dementor attack — or more likely a magical curse like Sectumsempra, judging by his gashes.

We may never know the truth, but one thing’s for sure: Harry Potter (alias: Daniel Radcliffe) is continuing to save the day, as heroes do.

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