Fashion Mogul Wants Us All to Dress as 'Blade Runner' Replicants

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Rick Deckard knew how to rock a button-up and checkered tie, but even he and the Replicants he was tracking down might have been a little surprised to find a Blade Runner-inspired fashion show in New York.

Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons decked out a street in New York City’s Chinatown on Tuesday night with Chinese lanterns and glowing, neon “Replicant” signs. Simons’ choice to walk his models down puddle-ridden, neon-washed pavement rather than a traditional runway and shadow each one with an umbrella was a clear homage to Ridley Scott’s 1982 cult sci-fi favorite.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter: “Backstage, Simons talked about the blend of Asian and Western cultures… and the idea of exploring a look that felt neither gender- nor culture-specific.”

The show, a look at Simons’ Spring 2018 collection, was a blur of bright colors and crisp lines, the clothing distinctly agendered and met with love from the gathered crowd. Guests included Jake Gyllenhaal, Julianne Moore, Christian Slater, A$AP Rocky, and Marc Jacobs.

With Blade Runner 2049 gearing up for a premiere in October, Simons’ reference to the original film and, perhaps, its sequel is all the more relevant.

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 11: Designer Raf Simons attends the Raf Simons - Front Row/Backstage at NYFW: Men's July 2017 on July 11, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

Getty Images / Nicholas Hunt

For more of Simons’ work and a look at his Spring 2018 line, check out his website.

Blade Runner 2049 premieres in theaters on October 6.