Charlize Theron is Just Waiting to Do a 'Mad Max' Prequel

If it were up to Imperator Furiosa, everyone would already know her entire backstory from Mad Max: Fury Road. Charlize Theron has said that the only thing stopping another story about her popular Mad Max character is the creator, George Miller.

“We are all waiting for him to show us the way,” Theron told Variety on Tuesday. “There were three scripts. They were written as back stories to Max’s character and to Furiosa’s character.” You read that correctly, Furiosa fan, three scripts apparently exist which chronicle the character’s backstory before she appears in Mad Max: Fury Road. How all of those stories would reconcile themselves with the old Max Max movies is unclear. And it’s even murkier if in one of the movies it would be revealed that Furiosa had a full head of hair at some point.

Still, considering the staggering number Alien prequels still in the pipeline from 20th Century Fox, the possibility of numerous Mad Max prequels could totally still happen.

Charlize Theron’s next film is the spy thriller, Atomic Blonde, out on July 28.

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