Tesla's Second Quarter Earnings Call Will Be Huge For the Model 3

Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Tesla’s second quarter earnings call will happen on August 2, a matter of days after the big public debut of the Tesla Model 3 on July 28. While the earning call will likely be too soon after the Model 3s debut to report sales, it’ll be the first words by Tesla CEO Elon Musk to his stockholders and investors after the launch of a vehicle that will shape the company’s future.

Tesla announced the earnings call in an investor relations email on Tuesday. The company will post its financial results after markets close on Wednesday, August 2, and then break down the numbers in a live webcast at 5:30 p.m. Eastern afterwards with a Q&A session, which usually involves Musk and several investors or analysts. The Q&A session is where things will really get interesting, as analysts will likely probe Musk for his plans in the third financial quarter. It’ll be live on Tesla’s Investor Relations site.

The company’s first quarter earnings call was the primer for Model 3 production, and this call will let investors and fans of the company know where it’s at heading into the demanding production schedule Musk has set. Most analysts predict that Tesla has a backlog of over 400,000 reservations for the Model 3 already, and the company wants to crank out the cars at its newly re-tooled Hawthorne facility in Southern California. Musk says the company wants to make 20,000 cars per month by the end of 2017, putting out 500,000 a year in the future, an ambitious goal but one that could solidify the company’s seat at the top of the electric car pyramid.

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