Twitter Loved Bill's Fate, Was Shocked By 'Doctor Who' Finale

The Doctor fell and Twitter wept.


Fans of Doctor Who have long known that the Season 10 finale would mark the end of an era — Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor is in the midst of a famed Time Lord regeneration and showrunner Steven Moffat is bowing out at the same time Capaldi does — and as such, “The Doctor Falls” was an emotionally trying episode for fans of the show that have been shedding their tears via Twitter since Saturday. It was enough to drag even the most lapsed fans of the show back to watch.

In “The Doctor Falls,” the Doctor remains trapped aboard a massive ship stuck within the event horizon of a black hole, causing some funky time dilations along the length of the craft. Bill was converted to a Mondasian cyberman, the curious Mr. Razor was outed as John Simm’s version of the Master, and in the episode’s final moments, Missy proved turncoat and teamed up with her former self against the Doctor.

The Doctor, Nardole, and Cyber-Bill help a small village many floors up survive an impending invasion from more evolved cybermen

Doctor Who fans love to relish in the emotional “Pain—Pain—-Pain” that the show causes, and they always love finding new in-jokes to express just that:

It’s a lingering sort of sadness that lasts for days after.

Sure, there’s also lots of denial about how upset fans are.

Some fans even use wordplay to express it.

Everybody blames Steven Moffat.

Some saw it as an opportunity to offer critique on what Doctor Who should be: optimistic, with more happy endings than unhappy ones.

For a lot of fans that might have fallen off the Whovian fandom in recent years, this was a chance to reconnect with the show at the end of an era. But, you know, in a really confused way.

Because especially by the end, things were really confusing if you hadn’t seen at least the Season 10 premiere.

A good number of people tried and failed to catch up in time.

Some of the more bitter fans out there are excited for Moffat and Capaldi’s exit from the show.

An even more pressing issue than fans that aren’t all caught up are all the fans that couldn’t or wouldn’t watch it live. For U.S. fans on the East Coast, it was 8:30 to 10:00 p.m., which is primetime Saturday night.

Fans really praised both Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts and Michelle Gomez as Missy.

Bill had some great lines in her final appearance.

And her ultimate fate was as heartwarming as any send-off a companion has gotten.

It’s a spin-off that some would watch, apparently.

Many were also just positively overwhelmed by the appearance of the 1st Doctor in the final moments.

It was all just so much goodness, and fans can’t wait for more.

Now, we’ll all have to wait anxiously for the Christmas Special.

Peter Capaldi’s last run as the 12th Doctor will be during Doctor Who’s 2017 Christmas Special airing this December 25.

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