David Lynch Delights and Mystifies Fans with 'Twin Peaks'

"Part 8" was the biggest mindfuck yet.


When the previous episode included an agonizing, 2-minute shot of a broom sweeping a floor, Twin Peaks fans seemed certain David Lynch’s revival of his 1990s cult classic couldn’t get any weirder. No one should have been surprised that it did. “Part 8” of Twin Peaks: The Return involved a glowing orb, a blinding array of bugs, and, potentially, “the key to what all this is about.”

This post might contain spoilers for Twin Peaks: The Return, “Part 8.”

Likened to an experimental film, a weird acid trip, and the peak of prestige television online, “Part 8” seems to have solidified the Twin Peaks return as a worthwhile pursuit in the minds of fans. After weeks of discourse, the mystery is starting to unravel — and only growing more intense.

The mindfuck that was “Part 8” premiered on Sunday, and the internet, expectedly, reacted in turn.

People were really into this week’s episode of Twin Peaks

As with any Lynch project, some consider themselves experts

While others remain mystified and delighted

Oh, yeah, and that Nine Inch Nails cameo was a lot to take in

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