Crystal Clear Photos Show the Tesla Model 3's 'Final' Design

Crystal Clear Photos Show the Tesla Model 3's "Final" Form

Tesla has completely given up on keeping, well, anything secret about the upcoming Model 3, and a reddit user has a whole new batch of crystal clear photos to prove it.

On Wednesday, Reddit user youyouxue spotted a Model 3 pulling up to the supercharging station in San Mateo, California, one of the busiest in the country, and “jumped straight out of the car and started snapping photos,” they said. The Model 3’s driver was a Tesla employee who works on crash safety, who got to take the vehicle home for a night and was headed back to the company HQ in Palo Alto. After a little hesitation, he let youyouxue snap some shots of the interior of the car and “mentioned that this was pretty much the final design” before the first car is delivered.

Here's the Model 3 in the middle next to two Model S's.
Here's the Model 3 in the middle next to two Model S's. 

The interior looks pretty much like what we’ve seen before, but in much more detail.

Gonna need to keep some Windex in this thing to clean up all those finger prints. 

Youyouxue also got the best look at the single-screen center display and the sparse dashboard, which doesn’t have an analogue speedometer of any kind. The display looks pretty slick when the car is charging and some other sharp-eyed users pointed out that the tablet has LTE connectivity and dual climate control, alongside a few other possible features.

The Model 3's center console.
The Model 3's center console

They also caught a great shot of the charging port.

The Model 3 charging port
The Model 3 charging port

Elon Musk has said the early configurations of the Model 3 will have a couple options for wheel style, but youyouxue managed to grab a photo of the “aerodynamic” wheel option.

Tesla Model 3's aerodynamic wheels.
Looks pretty cool. 

Last but not least, youyouxue was checking out a fully decked-out Model 3, with the full suite of Autopilot cameras installed. Here’s a close up shot of those.

Tesla Model 3 autopilot sensors.
Those tiny little cameras will eventually drive your car. 

When the car rolls into private garages in late July, we’ll certainly see some exhaustive breakdowns of it, but until then, this is the best look we’ll probably get. Some redditors expressed concern for the employee who let youyouxue take the pictures, fearing he’d get in trouble, but at this point, any pictures of the car are essentially free marketing for Tesla, so it’s unlikely that Elon Musk will be all that mad.

Media via Reddit/ youyouxue (1, 2)