Writer Says 'Star Trek: Discovery' Will Rival 'Game of Thrones'

This fall, after a long wait, the final frontier of Star Trek is coming. And the adventures of the starship Discovery will deliver drama that will give the mega-popular fantasy HBO hit Game of Thrones a run for its money.

On Tuesday, Star Trek: Discovery’s most forthcoming member of the writing team, Ted Sullivan, again took to Twitter to answer fan questions about the new show. Though these tidbits were mostly spoiler-free, Sullivan did reveal that be believes Star Trek: Discovery goes “pound for pound” with Game of Thrones in terms of drama and action. Sullivan referenced his work on shows like Supergirl but claimed that even experience had left him unprepared for the intensity of the new Trek show.

This isn’t to say Discovery will be overtly violent (or sexually violent like Game of Thrones), but simply that it will achieve a level of drama that fans of prestige television are hungry for. The Game of Thrones reference also seems to hint that Discovery will be first Trek show to embrace a season-long interconnected story arc. To date, only Deep Space Nine and Enterprise dabbled with this kind of storytelling, meaning the vast majority of Trek is self-contained stories.

Sullivan assured fans there would be some laughs, too. When TrekMovie asked about humor, Sullivan said that Doug Jones’s performance of Lt. Saru made him “keel over laughing.”

The basic premise of the new show is still largely a secret. Though, this week, lead actress Sonequa Martin-Green elaborated on her character’s connection to the planet Vulcan, and Spock’s parents — Sarek and Amanda — specifically.

Star Trek: Discovery debuts on September 24 on CBS.

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