New 'Last Jedi' Legos Reveal Snoke in Jedi Clothes and Evil BB-8

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Despite director Rian Johnson saying Snoke wouldn’t be expanded on much in The Last Jedi, a few secrets about the Supreme Leader and his knowledge of the Dark side simply have to come to light during the course of the next Star Wars. And now, there’s a hint that Snoke might be rocking some Jedi fashion. Plus, an evil, all-black version of BB-8 is along for the ride, too.

On Monday, Star Wars News Net posted photos of several Lego sets from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, including a glimpse of Snoke and an evil little droid called BB-9E. Most of the photos originally leaked on Reddit.

Snoke’s garb is decidedly different than his robes briefly glimpsed in The Force Awakens. He’s rocking a beige tunic now, with a very Qui-Gon Jinn feel to it. This will doubtlessly fuel the fan theory that Snoke himself is the titular last Jedi in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The leaked photos also show a First Order version of BB-8, which is being referred to as BB-9E. This evil droid is hanging out with a First Order Shuttle Pilot, who is rocking a helmet very reminiscent of the Death Star Gunners in the classic trilogy. Whether or not BB-9E will actually show up in The Last Jedi remains to be seen. In 2016, fans got excited about C2-B5, an Imperial astromech droid who seemed like a kind of Dark side version of R2-D2. The only thing is, C2-B5 didn’t actually end up in the final cut of Rogue One. Hopefully, BB-9E will appear in the actual film, preferably in a scene in which it trades beeping insults with BB-8.

The new Lego sets aren’t necessarily proof of anything, of course. Snoke might not be wearing this beige tunic in the final film. But, if he is, his connection to the sartorial history of the Force has just gotten a little clearer.

The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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