Orphan Black has begun its final “swan song” as creator Graeme Manson described it. Manson and company had a lot to wrap up in this final season: Will Helena’s babies survive? Will Cosima? How will the clones defeat Neolution now that Rachel’s in charge? Does Neolution really want a truce with the seetras? Will Sarah ever be reunited with Kira? The answers to these and a million more questions are packed into a mere ten episodes, but according to Manson, what was most important to him was giving each clone the sendoff they deserve.

“In Season 5, it was really about wrapping up each of the character arcs and each of the character relationships so that each character, sort of, got their due,” Manson said. “We wanted a season, a final season that offered more insight into the characters than we knew already about them.”

“We did these final episodes so that each main clone got their own character-centric episode,” Manson said. “Season 5 is little less ensemble than the episodes usually are, so we got to crack open a deeper understanding of what makes each of them tick, and then we really wanted that great final closure for each of the characters.”

Manson promises that each major clone has “something really satisfying to go out on.”

“I really particularly think that the final episodes of the season — seven, eight, nine, ten — are some of our strongest work,” said Mason.

If the crew’s speechless reaction to the finale table read is anything to go by, fans are in for an emotional roller coaster of a season.

Orphan Black airs Saturdays 10pm EST on BBC America

Photos via BBC America