Elon Musk's Latest Invention Is a Tiny School Without Grade Levels

Musk invented a school for all his kids

Elon Musk has gone full Zoolander, creating a tiny school for kids who want to read and do other stuff good, too. Named “Ad Astra,” Latin for "to the stars," the year-old school has 14 students, five of whom are Musk’s sons. (It will jump to 20 in September.) The SpaceX founder said there aren’t any grades; instead, each student is taught at the same level “like an assembly line.”

The emphasis is on problem-solving: Rather than learning about screwdrivers and working up to complex devices like motors, Musk said, students take a motor and break it down to see how it works. (It probably helps if you’re the head of an automotive company and have a few spare motors laying around.) “The relevance of that tool becomes apparent.” Here’s the full interview with Musk:

Musk didn’t dive into the Ad Astra curriculum so we took the liberty of conjuring up a daily schedule:

English: Point out at least five other flaws in unauthorized Musk biographies.

Gym class: A brisk swim off the California coast to pick up parts of exploded SpaceX rockets.

Lunch: Bullies shake down students for bitcoin.

History: Explain the facets of Musk’s relationship with Talulah Riley in a series of five tweets.

Math: One Amtrak train leaves San Diego at 2 pm traveling a wimpy 50 mph, and another train leaves Los Angeles at 3 pm traveling an even more pathetic 40 mph. How would the Hyperloop solve all of California’s transportation problems?

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