John Oliver to UK: Send Lord Buckethead to Brexit Negotiations

He looks like if “Darth Vader fucked an Amazon Echo.”

On Last Week Tonight Sunday, John Oliver could not resist the opportunity to dump all over British Prime Minister Theresa May following the Conservative Party’s dismal results in the UK election.

“Yes this was a cluster fuck, or to be more precise, a crumpet fuck of epic proportions,” he said.

With Brexit talks set to begin between the EU and the UK on June 19, this newly-formed minority government spells trouble for a situation that’s already incredibly complicated. Leaving the EU poses a lot of risks that still need to be ironed out in the paper work. Things like immigration, complicated border logistics, and whether UK products will now be subject to high tariffs could be disastrous for the country’s stability.

With a non-majority parliament, it will be far more difficult for May to push her Brexit plan ahead than it even was before. “Although, it wasn’t clear what the fuck that plan was in the first place,” Oliver said.

“In fact, it is not a great sign that the single most honest statement from any candidate in this election regarding the difficulty of the task ahead came from a man with a two-foot bucket on his head.”

Lord Buckethead looks like if “Darth Vader fucked an Amazon Echo.”


That’s right, Oliver is talking about Lord Buckethead, a, umm, commentary candidate that received precisely 249 votes in last week’s election, running on a platform of “The abolition of the Lords (except me),” and “Stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia, start buying lasers from Lord Buckethead.”

To add insult to injury, when the results were announced on election night, UK tradition dictated that May was forced to stand beside all the candidates, including his bucket-headed highness himself. And although the candidate may be a political newcomer, he had some insightful words for voters during some kind of candidate luncheon that was uploaded to Youtube: “On Thursday you will be faced with either Prime Minister May, or Prime Minister Corbin, against 27 prime ministers from the European Union,” Lord Buckethead said. “It will be a shit show.”

“You know what, I never thought I’d say this, but that intergalactic space lord has a point,” said Oliver.

And although doesn’t know how May is going to accomplish a clean break with the EU, but he does have a proposal. “Because at this point you have basically fucked everything up,” he says. “Your only real chance here is to use the element of surprise.”

Barely containing his glee, Oliver introduced the audience to “your new Brexit negotiator,” Lord Buckethead himself. Out he strode onto the stage, surrounded by lasers, ominous music, and Oliver’s last plea.

“Theresa May, if you are still Prime Minister by the time that this show airs, I implore you, send the dark lord to Brussels. Is it an absurd idea? Yes. But it would not even be close to the stupidest thing you’ve ever done.”

Looks like Lord Buckethead had a pretty good time, too.

You can watch the whole segment below: