‘Star Wars Rebels’ Producer: Ahsoka Doesn’t Transform Into a Wolf

Star Wars fans love to theorize and make predictions about what’s going to happen next in that galaxy far, far away. Sometimes, though, these fan theories are bonkers as all hell. Take, for instance, an ‘80s theory that Obi-Wan is a clone of Jesus Christ. Or, a more recent theory that Clone Wars protagonist Ahsoka Tano is going to transform into a giant wolf in the upcoming fourth season of Star Wars Rebels.

That theory, according to Rebels’s executive producer Dave Filoni, isn’t true.

The lupine fuss all started when fans came up with the cockamamie idea that Anakin Skywalker’s former padawan Ahsoka had somehow transcended her form and become the giant white wolf who pops up in the trailer for the final season of Rebels. SlashFilm has a pretty good rundown of what made this theory even remotely plausible, but it mostly boils down to Filoni liking wolves, some concept art with a wolf motif, and the vagueness of Sith magic.

In a tweet on Wednesday (which also happened to be Filoni’s 42nd birthday), the showrunner shared some new art that explicitly states that Ahsoka is “not the wolf.”

So, to recap, crazy theory is crazy, unless Filoni is lying, in which case crazy theory isn’t crazy. Fandom is fun.

Star Wars Rebels comes back for its fourth and final season in the fall.

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