What to Know for 'Dark Matter' Season 3

War is coming in more ways than one.

'Dark Matter'

The crew of the Raza returns to Syfy on June 9 for another season of ass-kicking and living constantly on the run. It’s a good thing that the universe is a really big place. After a death-filled Season 2, Dark Matter the “anti-heroes are left scattered and presumed to be dead as the corporations prepare for an all-out war.”

In the Season 2 finale — “But First, We Save the Galaxy” — Two, Three, Five, Six and the Android attempted to stop the Ferrous Corporation from bombing the EOS-7 space station, where leaders from major corporations were meeting. But after stealing the Blink Drive that allowed for instant teleportation, Ryo Ishido assumed his role as Emperor of Zairon and had his people trigger an explosion on the station that seemingly killed Two, Three, and Six while Five and the Android helplessly watched.

But, being sci-fi on Syfy, the show will seemingly undo all that in record time.

Here’s what you need to know for Season 3:

Late in Season 2, Ishida Ryo/Four assumed the throne he was always meant for.

'Dark Matter'

Ryo Ishido, aka “Four,” Will be Season 3’s Main Villain

In Season 2’s penultimate episode, Four had his memories restored and used the Blink Drive and some political maneuvering and some political maneuvering to retake his throne and become emperor of Zairon emperor of Zairon. Though he parted with the rest of the Raza crew on peaceful terms, he was ultimately responsible for the explosion that killed key members of each corporation in the Season 2 finale.

The corporations present financially backed the Zairon’s enemy, the Republic of Pyr, which made the attack a bold politically maneuver that no doubt made permanent enemies of the Raza crew.

The remaining crew of the Raza.

'Dark Matter'

Remaining Crew: Two, Three, Five, Six, and the Android

Season 2 included the death of several mainstays new and old. One was shot by his doppelgänger Jace Corso, and later in the season, Two gets her revenge by executing Jace Corso — so goodbye fully to actor Marc Bendavid, who played both. By season’s end Devon was left stabbed and Nyx poisoned, with Arax Nero gone earlier in the season after stealing a fake copy of Five’s key.

Following the destruction of the EOS-7 space station and the deaths of prominent members of the Council of Corporations, all-out war will break out. Delegates from the 13 major corporations were killed by the Zairon Empire.

That leaves Two, Three, Five, Six, and the Android as the remaining active crew of the Raza, assuming they can all regroup aboard the ship.

The Android was upgraded in Season 2 with a personality upgrade.

'Dark Matter'

The Android Is More Human Than Ever

After receiving a personality upgrade from an android named Victor in Season 2, the Android was able to act and appear more and more like a human, feeling more complex emotions and assimilating more as a member of the Raza crew rather than just a walking operating system.

In the fallout from Season 2’s finale, she’ll no doubt play a pivotal role in reassembling the team.

Scientist and creator of Two, Alexander Rook, will no doubt make an appearance in Season 3.

'Dark Matter'

Rook Will Undoubtedly Be Back

The man who designed Two and her nanites made an appearance in both previous seasons. In Season 1, he was involved in revealing her entire backstory towards the end of the season. And in Season 2, the team went to him for help when Two’s nanites began failing, which would have resulted in her death. He escapes (of course), and will likely make another appearance in yet another nanite-focused episode.

All these guys are dead, and their friends will not be happy.

'Dark Matter'

War Between the Corporations is Coming

Following the destruction of the EOS-7 space station and the deaths of prominent members of the Council of Corporations, all-out war will break out, but between whom is not certain. Delegates from the 13 major corporations were killed by the Zairon Empire, but the corporations might blame each other.

So will the corporations fight each other or go after Emperor Ryo Ishido and the Zairon Empire? Where will the crew of the Raza stand, and to what extent will they be caught in the crossfire?

Dark Matter Season 3 premieres on Syfy on June 9, 2017 with two back-to-back episodes.

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