'Gotham' Star Has Ideas for an Arrowverse Crossover

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Will Batman ever join the Arrowverse? It’s unlikely that the Dark Knight will ever make an appearance on the small screen, but Gotham star David Mazouz, who plays young Bruce Wayne in the Fox prequel series, has some neat ideas for how it could happen — but don’t hold your breath.

In an interview with Moviepilot, Mazouz showed his nerd cred by posting a solution to Fox’s Gotham, The CW’s Arrow, and The Flash’s disparate continuities. “I feel like we could easily do a Flash crossover because he travels in time now,” Mazouz told Moviepilot.

He added, “The biggest obstacle before The Flash came out, when it was just Arrow, was that Gotham is set in the past and Arrow was set in the present. We were not in the same time period, so how could we possibly do a crossover? However, now that we know time travel was not only introduced, but widely used in the Flarrowverse with Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, it’s very plausible that a crossover could happen, because they could come back in time and visit Gotham. I would totally support it.”

Props to Mazouz for actually using the word “Flarrowverse” instead of the standard (but increasingly inaccurate) “Arrowverse.” Whether he’s heard it from fans at conventions, or he’s actually a fan himself, Batman knows what he’s talking about. No matter if Gotham exists on the same Earth as Arrow or The Flash, or inhabits a different Earth as seen in Supergirl, Mazouz is already a step ahead in his explanation of how continuity is a non-issue.

But, Mazouz also knows that continuity isn’t the thing preventing the two shows from crossing over. “I’m sure it would obviously be a nightmare with licensing and such — which is really annoying,” he said. “I don’t know why they can’t just let us have our fun.”

Gotham airs its Season 3 finale on Monday, June 5, on Fox at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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