‘Wonder Woman’ Director Says We’ll Eventually See Invisible Jet

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The reviews for Wonder Woman are in, and they’re fantastic. However, one thing that reviewers didn’t see in the DCEU’s first female-led superhero movie was Wonder Woman’s iconic (or perhaps infamous) invisible jet. I mean, not that they would have seen it anyway, but the elusive plane wasn’t in the film. That will probably change when the sequel rolls around, as director Patty Jenkins says the invisible jet is destined for the big screen.

“The invisible jet is very important, and, ultimately, we have to have the invisible jet,” Jenkins told Yahoo in an interview published on Tuesday. “That’s a very big part of Wonder Woman.”

The jet, which would’ve had to have been a bi-plane in order to fit into the film’s World War I time period, was conspicuously absent from Wonder Woman, which is probably for the best, given that the wartime setting grounded the movie in a way that a see-through plane wouldn’t have. Still, as Jenkins said, it is a major part of Wonder Woman’s mythos, even if it’s a little outdated. The plane was originally introduced in 1942, because back then, Wonder Woman couldn’t fly very consistently, or far, and she needed a sweet invisible ride to travel long distances. Since later versions of the character gained the ability to fly, the jet became somewhat vestigial. More recent comics have explained that the plane is actually a sentient alien “morphing crystal,” because comics are weird as hell.

Hopefully, the DCEU’s invisible jet won’t be that out there when it’s introduced to the film franchise.

For what it’s worth, Yahoo also asked star Chris Pine about a much more obscure relic of Wonder Woman’s comic history: Jumpa, Diana’s fun kangaroo sidekick. “We have to see that on screen,” Pine said. “[There] absolutely [has to be] a kangaroo in the next one.”

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2.

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