Watch a Woman Literally Hurtle Onto Her SUV to Stop a Carjacker

by Monica Hunter-Hart
CNN and WISN/BP surveillance video

Video footage spread virally across the internet on Thursday of a Wisconsin woman who saved her SUV from a carjacker in the most crazy, dangerous way: by literally hurtling herself onto the moving vehicle and not letting go until the thief had fled.

Before the incident, which occurred on Wednesday, Melissa Smith was casually filling up at a gas station in Milwaukee when a man jumped into her car and tried to drive away. Smith jumped onto the hood and held onto the windshield wipers for dear life as the carjacker tried to jolt her off and drive away.

“If I held onto the side I knew he could just drag me and leave,” Smith explained in an interview with CNN, “but with me on top, I don’t know, it was just: ‘This is what I’m doing, you are not leaving with my car, I’m not dealing with this sort of crap today.’”

Eventually the thief gave up; he jumped out of the still-moving car and quickly drove away in his own. Smith managed to open the SUV door and hit the breaks before it collided with other vehicles. Amazingly, the whole thing was captured on film by surveillance footage:

This kinda sounds like an absurd scene from The Fast and the Furious, but somehow it’s real life. Hold on to your cars, everyone.

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