Stephen King Excitedly Says Cujo Appears in 'The Dark Tower'

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Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series explains how all of the horror author’s novels are connected through his original mysticism and religious lore. In order to back up the fact that all his stories are linked, King has announced that Cujo, the savage dog starring in his 1981 novel of the same name, and a 1983 film, will appear very quickly in The Dark Tower.

Speaking to IGN, King says, “If viewers who are familiar with my work look very closely, they might see Cujo. Keep an eye out for Cujo in New York City.” Now, this tidbit is much more important than a simple Easter egg; if Cujo appears as a healthy dog in New York City during the events of The Dark Tower, that means he might be infected by the will of the High Random when Roland uses New York City as a conduit between Keystone Earth and All-World. Confused?

Cujo, as he appeared in the original 'Cujo' film.

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Every character in The Dark Tower, and all of King’s other books, are motivated by “ka,” King’s fictional word for life force. All Timer characters, who are gods like the demon who appears as Pennywise in It and the Crimson King commanding Walter, aka the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) in The Dark Tower, harness “ka” in order to wreak havoc in our world. If Cujo is exposed to the will of these evil All Timers, specifically the Crimson King, that may set in motion the events of Cujo. Why does that matter? Well, a Cujo reboot has been in the works since 2015.

If Cujo looks like a normal, chill St. Bernard when he appears in The Dark Tower this summer, it may just be a little Easter egg for Stephen King fans who subscribe to the author’s multiverse theory.

The Dark Tower hits theaters August 4.

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