Seems Like You Can Buy 'Destiny 2' With 'World of Warcraft' Gold

It's time to start building a collection of WoW Tokens.


During the recent Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere, Activision announced that the PC version of Destiny 2 will be available exclusively through the Blizzard Launcher. This means you’ll probably be able to use World of Warcraft tokens to purchase the game when it releases later this year.

Originally WoW Tokens were Blizzard’s own answer to the buying and selling of in-game gold outside of the game, but following an update in February the tokens also became a way for players to purchase content for other Blizzard titles, like Overwatch loot boxes or new characters in Heroes of the Storm. Basically, Blizzard allowed each token to be converted to a $15 credit on the Blizzard Launcher, which could then be used however players saw fit on the company’s digital marketplace.

According to Kotaku, the price of WoW Tokens has spiked heavily since the reveal of Destiny 2 and the announcement that the game would be coming exclusively to the Blizzard Launcher on PC. So, instead of spending in-game gold on Hearthstone card packs or Overwatch loot boxes, WoW players began banking WoW Tokens in preparation for Destiny 2’s PC launch.

In North America, the tokens reached as much as 140,000 gold on the in-game Auction House before jumping back down to around 120,000 gold (where they remain today). Compared to the average 110,000 gold cost of the tokens before the reveal, it made for a great deal for any WoW players savvy enough to take advantage of the sudden surge. If they had banked some tokens before the announcement, they’re yielding a 26 percent profit per token.

With Destiny 2 launching at the standard retail price of $59.99, it’ll cost you around 500,000 gold in World of Warcraft. So, if you’re short on cash but great at collecting WoW gold in Azeroth, you’ll be able to grab Destiny 2 when it comes out later this year, if you save up enough.

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