15 Visual Gifts the Nest Security Camera Has Given the World

It turns out home security is good for more than home security.


As the Nest security camera, a mountable, internet-connected camera system that allows owners to watch what’s going on in their homes or backyards from anywhere, has been installed in more and more households, it’s proven to be useful for more than just its advertised security function.

Nest, thanks to its always-on feature, has also been picking up a slew of antics, accidents, and tomfoolery occurring in living rooms across America. The scene these cameras have captured are funny, cringeworthy, satisfying, and adorable. Many of them now adorn the company’s channel on YouTube, proof that Nest is well aware of the many unintended benefits of his project. They even awarded some mock-Oscar awards (the Nesties) to some of the most standout performances.

Here’s hoping the Nesties make an even bigger return in 2018, and here are 15 of the best visual gifts Nest cameras have left us with so far.

15. Maybe Shopping at TJ Maxx

14. What Was It Even Doing in There?

13. Best Fight in the Whole Series

12. Sometimes Hulk Just Needs to Smash

11. Those Polished Floors Are Dangerous

10. Oops

9. It’s Like Home Alone, But for Real

8. Delivered Right to Your Door. Literally

7. Already Forgot It Happened

6. Maybe Time for Separate Bedrooms

5. Future Member of Ocean’s Fourteen

4. Yikes

3. Sweet Justice

2. Nice Job, Kid

1. Please Not the Flowers, Please Not the — Crap

Advocates and practitioners of digital privacy may still be reasonably wary of installing a wifi-capable recording device like the Nest camera in their home. But for those who are less concerned or are more willing to take that risk, there is ample evidence that you may be rewarded in some unexpected ways.