A Breakdown of the New 'Destiny 2' Warlock Subclass: Dawnblade

Here's a complete breakdown of the new subclass added for Warlocks. 


Revealed to players on Thursday during the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal in Los Angeles, the Dawnblade will be the new Solar-based subclass available to Warlock players in Bungie’s newest adventure.

Like the Sunsinger before it, the Dawnblade revolves around using the power of the light to smite your enemies quickly, heal wounded allies near your position, and provide valuable buffs for each of your fireteam members in combat. But just like each of the new subclasses Bungie has shown off for the game so far, it also comes with a few new tricks well worth your attention.

While attending the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal, I spent a hefty amount of time checking out everything offered by the new Warlock subclass in both PvE related activities like campaign missions and strikes, as well as within the Crucible — and it’s safe to say that things have certainly changed for the better in the sequel.

As is standard with every subclass, the Dawnblade gives you access to three different variations of grenade and melee attacks, and a new super ability that allows you to wield (and throw) gigantic flaming swords at your enemies in combat. You’ll also get access to two specific versions of the Warlock’s new class ability added in the game, which allows you to deploy an aura on the ground granting buffs to those around you, provided they remain within the area.

A look at the complete Dawnblade subclass, as seen during our 'Destiny 2' game sessions at the reveal event. 

Nicholas Bashore

Here’s a little summary of the major changes made to Dawnblade as seen within the Destiny 2 Crucible session we played during the event:

  • The Warlock’s new class ability, Rift, lets you toss down a small aura at your feet, which can either heal allies standing within or provide them with an attack damage bonus. When combined with a Titan shield, this is a very deadly ability.
  • There’s a great new movement ability called Blazing Dash, which allows you to dodge in mid-air while gliding around. (Although, I didn’t have a chance to use this one myself.)
  • Phoenix Dive — which is probably my new favorite Warlock ability — gives you the ability to hold your crouch button down in mid-air to dive down and regenerate a portion of your health. This is extremely useful when overwhelmed.
  • Melee remains relatively similar to the Sunsinger from Destiny, giving you the option to boost reload and movement speed, or use grenades while gliding around.
  • Grenades remain largely the same with the Dawnblade. Firebolt Grenade releases bolts of Solar energy that seek out targets, Fusion Grenade sticks to enemies and deals bonus damage, and Solar Grenade damages anything standing close by over a period of a few seconds.
  • The Dawnblade’s new super is called Daybreak, which allows you to weave Solar Light into blades you can throw at your enemies from a distance or slash them down with up close. If combined with your Phoenix Dive ability, you can slam a blade into the ground and deal a massive amount of damage to enemies surrounding your impact point as well.

As an entire package, the Dawnblade feels familiar, in a good way, giving players access to more useful healing options and a super ability that is far more useful than an unlimited number of grenades for a set amount of time (like with its spiritual predecessor, the Sunsinger). The ability to revive from the Sunsinger will certainly be missed (although it could return before launch), but it feels like a necessary change given the more direct nature of Destiny 2’s combat.

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