How Harry Potter's Victor Krum Connects to 'Fantastic Beasts'

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Albus Dumbledore, the Lestrange family, and minor character Anthony Goldstein are the among the only characters with proven connections between the Harry Potter series and its spinoff franchise Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them so far — but Bulgarian Quidditch star Victor Krum might be another common thread.

As one Potter fan pointed out on Reddit, the pre-Voldemort Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald killed Victor Krum’s grandfather. Grindelwald is of course the villain of the next four installments of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The end of the first film revealed that Colin Farrell’s auror Percival Graves was actually Grindelwald in disguise. Jude Law has been cast as young Dumbledore in future installments, and he’ll ultimately defeat Grindelwald in a duel. But because that will happen in the final film, Grindelwald has ample time to wreak havoc.

Victor Krum is a minor character in the Harry Potter books, appearing in Goblet of Fire and Deathly Hallows. But as Harry learns, Krum has no lost love for Grindelwald. Krum is invited to Bill and Fleur’s wedding in Deathly Hallows, as he’s still friends with Fleur from their experience as Tri-Wizard Champions. There, aside from irking Ron with his presence, he almost fights Xenophilius Lovegood. As he tells Harry, he mistakes Lovegood’s Deathly Hallows symbol for a token of support for Grindelwald.

From Deathly Hallows:

“Sign?” said Harry, looking over at Xenophilius too. The strange triangular eye was gleaming on his chest. “Why? What’s wrong with it?”
Krum’s jaw muscles worked as if he were chewing, then he said, “Grindelvald killed many people, my grandfather, for instance. Of course, he vos never powerful in this country, they said he feared Dumbledore and rightly, seeing how he vos finished. But this” he pointed a finger at Xenophilius, “this is his symbol, I recognized it at vunce: Grindelvald carved it into a vall at Durmstrang ver he vos a pupil there. Some idiots copied it onto their books and clothes thinking to shock, make themselves impressive, until those of us who had lost family members to Grindelvald taught them better.”

There’s a very real possibility that Krum’s ill-fated grandfather will appear onscreen in future installments.

Victor Krum in 'Harry Potter' 

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No official release date — or title — has been announced yet for the second installment of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.