Adorable 'Alien: Covenant' Emojis Have Taken Over Twitter

20th Century Fox

The xenomorphs that either burst out of or chow down on hapless victims in the Alien franchise are usually described as “pants-shittingly terrifying” rather than “cute.” But, to promote the upcoming release of Alien: Covenant, Twitter has flooded everyone’s timelines with adorable little emoji versions of the deadly extraterrestrial killers.

“Unleash the facehugger,” the official Alien Twitter account, tweeted on Wednesday to instruct Twitter users on how they could summon their own xenomorph. Including the hashtag “#RunHidePray” in a tweet will add an adorable lil’ facehugger poking its head out of an egg to your Tweet. To get the full-grown xenomorph, add the hashtag “#AlienCovenant” to your tweet. Sadly, the adult Alien who comes with the movie’s title is not nearly as cute as the facehugger, though he is significantly cuter than an actual Alien.

Like all of Twitter’s promotional emojis, these guys only work on Twitter, so you can’t text them to your crush to indicate that you’d like to suck face with them. It’s a shame, really.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters on May 19.