CBS Executive Says 'Discovery' Will Be a "Grittier" 'Star Trek' 


When Jean-Luc Picard got into huge fight with his brother in 2367, Star Trek had its first and last mud-wrestling scene, ever. But now, a CBS executive says Star Trek: Discovery will be even “grittier.”

On Tuesday, CBS Interactive CEO Jim Lanzone spoke to Roger Cheng on the CNET podcast The 3:59. Though Cheng and Lanzone didn’t get around to mentioning the famous mud scene from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Family,” they did talk a little bit about the feel and themes of the forthcoming show Star Trek: Discovery. In an effort to curb too much speculation, Lanzone was light on specific details for the new show. But, he did claim Discovery will be “original, and in a good way, different than what people have seen before.” Lanzone made it clear that any difference made was in the Star Trek tradition, saying each version of the franchise has always “broken new ground.”

A gritty fight scene from the classic 'Star Trek' episode "Amok Time."

Lanzone also said Discovery will be “cinematic” and have “high production values,” making it “grittier” than any version of the franchise before. When directly asked if the streaming status would allow for the kind of sex and violence on a show like Game of Thrones, Lanzone said, “I highly doubt that.” He was also loathe to reveal too many details about the relationships the different characters have to one another, saying it was “still to early to talk about the details.”

Star Trek: Discovery is still believed to debut sometime in the fall of 2017.

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