Darth Vader Comic Fixes the Most Embarrassing ‘Star Wars’ Moment

When Darth Vader discovered his one true love — Padme Amidala — had died, he bellowed the longest “nooooooooooo!” in movie history. Over a decade later, Star Wars fans are still recovering from the cheesiness, but now a new Marvel comic is giving the Dark Lord his dignity back.

On Thursday, Marvel Comics released a press preview of the opening pages of the forthcoming, ongoing Darth Vader comic book series. Unlike the last run, this series will focus on Vader’s early days in the infamous suit and even chronicle, in canon, for the first time, how he got his red-bladed lightsaber. The series will also begin with Vader saying “no” in a deadlier, cooler way than he did in Revenge of the Sith.

In the movie, just after Vader lets out the long “nooooooooo!” the scene changes, but in the new comic, readers will see what happened right after that. Basically, Anakin pulls himself together and straight up accuses Palpatine of lying to him. And this time, he’s way more pissed-off than sad.

Vader says "no" the right way.

Marvel Comics

Still, even though Vader/Anakin is a little more subdued here, it does still feel like he was a little gullible. Emperor Palpatine lamely tells him that Padme’s death has provided Vader with “pain,” which he can wield as a weapon. And because the rest of the saga has to happen the way it already has, Vader buys this nonsense — hook, line, and sinker. It’s too bad really. An alternate-universe Vader comic where the fallen Jedi takes no shit from the Emperor and kills him right away would be awesome.

Marvel’s new series, which is basically Darth Vader: Year One, will hit comic stands on June 7.

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