'Last Jedi' Remade as an 8-Bit Video Game Improves the Trailer

The internet knows only one truth: remaking The Last Jedi trailer into an 8-bit, early ‘90s video game makes the whole thing even better than it already was. Even the director of the next Star Wars movie, Rian Johnson, agrees.

On Wednesday, JoBlo Videos posted a lovingly-rendered, 8-bit version of The Last Jedi trailer, which is even more expansive and revealing than the real thing. Rey swings her lightsaber, Kylo Ren destroys his helmet with his, and Luke utters those now infamous words about what he thinks about the Jedi.

When the creator of the trailer, John Stratman, tweeted the link at Rian Johnson, the director reacted with glee and likened the quality to the beloved ‘90s LucasArts game Monkey Island. Fans quickly chimed in, with many asking for Johnson to resurrect the quasi-defunct developer, LucasArts, who once solely created Star Wars video games but, now, is mainly a licenser.

The Last Jedi 8-bit trailer has a Monkey Island feeling for sure, but it’s also hugely reminiscent of the Star Wars games created for the Super Nintendo. Watch it here.

And here’s all the gameplay from Super Star Wars for the SNES, circa 1992.

The details added in The Last Jedi trailer are really a huge part of what makes the 8-bit version so special. There’s more writing in the ancient Jedi books, we see more of the Resistance ship where Leia is commanding her troops, and there’s even a full shot of Poe running at his X-wing. Hopefully, if fans are very lucky, Disney and Johnson will put their heads together to simply release new Super Nintendo Games for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but made entirely in this 8-bit style.

The Last Jedi is out in wide release on December 15.

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