Christopher Eccleston Will Return to 'Doctor Who' in 2063


Christopher Eccleston, who played the 9th Doctor in Doctor Who, might actually be a real life Time Lord. He plans to return for the 100th anniversary of the cult sci-fi series, Inverse has learned. During an interview about his HBO show The Leftovers, Eccleston said the following:

Inverse: Who would you want to be the next doctor?
Christopher Eccleston: Me.
Inverse: Would you consider returning?
Christopher Eccleston: I’m giving you an exclusive, I will return for the 100th anniversary. If I’m asked, I will return for the 100th anniversary.

The 100th anniversary of Doctor Who will be in 2063, as the first episode aired in 1963. Eccleston, who was born in 1964, would be ninety-nine years old. It wouldn’t require a TARDIS quite yet — just above-average longevity, which should be manageable for a Time Lord.

Eccleston’s tenure as the 9th Doctor was in 2005, during the first season of the show’s revival. His companions were Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness, and although he left after one season, he’s largely credited with revitalizing the show after its hiatus between 1996 and 2005.

He would be in good company as an actor in his nineties. Cloris Leachman, who is playing Zorya Vechernyaya in American Gods, turned ninety on set, while Betty White is still going strong at ninety five. If Eccleston lives to ninety-nine, he’s officially made a promise.

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