'Doctor Who' Fan Video Tells the Entire Story of the Time Lord


The 12th Doctor has pleaded for people “be happy,” but this new Doctor Who fan video will leave you anything but. “Everything Ends” is a retelling of the Doctor’s entire story since his 9th face snarked his way into the hearts of Who fans everywhere

YouTube user TheGaroStudios created an appropriately heartbreaking tribute to everyone’s favorite Time Lord. The video squeezes the Doctor’s tale into an almost 4-minute long story that will wrench your emotions from one extreme to another as heedlessly as a glitching TARDIS.

Watch Davros guilt the Doctor into a confession of his past sins, the Doctor’s admittance of his fear and mortality, and the final words of every one of the Doctor’s recent regenerations.

Even though the video is fan-made, it’s a stark reminder that every Doctor’s time must come to an end. The 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors had tear-jerking ends and triumphant beginnings no doubt, Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor will share the same fate.

The potential for Capaldi leaving after Season 10 when Steven Moffat gives up his place as Doctor Who’s showrunner is pretty real. But there is catharsis to be found in the knowledge that his final act would be fantastic.

Season 10 of Doctor Who premieres in April 2017.

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