New 'War of the Worlds' TV Series Could Go Victorian Retro

Martians will once again attack the Earth just as they did in the 1898 H. G. Wells science fiction novel, The War of the Worlds, but this time, the invasion will probably begin where it did the first time: in Victorian England.

On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the BBC is developing a new TV series based on War of the Worlds. Right now, the series looks to be a three-part season, similar to the structure of Sherlock. This new War of the Worlds is produced by Mammoth Screen. So far, the company’s other big hits are Victoria and Poldark, both period pieces. Could the new War of the Worlds go retro and actually be set in 1898?

Believe it or not, placing this famous tale of alien invasion in its original Victorian setting would actually be somewhat novel. Every single other major adaptation of War of the Worlds have always had a contemporary setting, corresponding to the time in which they were made. And most adpatations have found the Martians hitting up American soil.

Bizarrely, by honoring the original Wells text, a Victorian England approach to an alien invasion could come across as brand new, and even a little risky. At this time, there is no clear indication that this will be the approach, but based on the track record of Mammoth Screen, it seems likely.

Doctor Who writer Peter Harness is writing the show, and a debut is expected sometime in early 2018.

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