How 'Star Trek: Timelines' Will Make the Borg Scary Again

The evil empire of the Star Trek galaxy — the Borg Collective — is making a threatening comeback. And this time, the Borg will be deadlier than they’ve been in quite a while.

On Thursday, the multi-platform mobile game Star Trek Timelines brought back the Borg for a four-week event. A combination roleplaying and strategy game, Timelines exists in a version of the Star Trek canon in which a temporal anomaly has caused numerous timelines to converge at once. This results in all the characters from across all of Star Trek hanging out at the same time. Conveniently, this lets Captain Sisko team-up with Khan with minimal explanation. And up until now, when players have encountered the Borg, it hasn’t been too difficult to defeat them. But now, folks behind the game say that is changing.

Erin Prince, product owner of Star Trek Timelines tells Inverse it was their intent to bring back the Borg with “all their originally intended tenacity and horror.” She also describes this iteration of the Borg as “war hungry,” something which conventional iterations of Star Trek rarely depict. Hopefully, this translates to more relentlessness from the Borg in actual gameplay.

Star Trek Timelines is a free-to-play game in which players recruit a giant crew of fan-favorite characters. Completing missions and space battles gives players more resources to get better ships and cooler characters. However, players can purchase certain items with real money which can make certain upgrades a little more feasible. The new Borg initiative is called “Process of Assimilation” and begins with the event “Unimatrix Zero.” The entire event runs for the entire month of May, with “Unimatrix Zero” being the first phase. To date, Timelines has never sustained a a month-long theme event before. The “Process of Assimilation” event will also add the Borg Sphere — from Star Trek: First Contact — as a playable ship.

Star Trek Timelines comes from the developer Disruptor Beam, which raised over 8 million dollars earlier in 2017. The game is available on most mobile devices and on Facebook.

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