J.K. Rowling Feels Bad About Killing Snape, Fans Freak Out

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If Snape hadn’t died, countless plot elements of the Harry Potter series would be upended, like his son Albus Severus having a less embarrassing name. And yet, apparently J.K. Rowling wants to use a Time-Turner to undo this death. On Tuesday — the annual anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts — she took to Twitter to apologize for killing Snape.

On previous Battle of Hogwarts anniversaries, Rowling has apologized for killing characters like Remus Lupin and Fred Weasley. This year appears to be Snape’s turn. But if you really consider it, resurrecting Snape would ruin the ending of the Harry Potter series.

Snape’s memories — which showed his love for Harry’s mother Lily and revealed that Harry was a horcrux who needed to die — motivated Harry to meet Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest and die, which enabled him to win the war. Harry was feeling lost and desperate before watching the memories.

Afterwards, Harry’s heart was so heavy he couldn’t even bring himself to say goodbye to Ron, Hermione, or Ginny (in the book, at least). Neville was the only person he chose to talk to. If the man Harry had a contentious relationship with was standing there to explain his memories, Harry’s entire mood would have been different. Severus might have even prevented Harry from going into the forest to die. As his memories revealed, he wasn’t exactly cheering at the prospect.

Further, Severus would surely step in and stop Harry from naming his son after him. Naturally, most fans did not greet this news with enthusiasm.

Rowling is as crafty and nefarious as Dumbledore — she’s the only modern author who can get away with retroactively editing her own work. Maybe J.K. Rowling, like Harry, should leave the Resurrection Stone where he dropped it, lost on the ground of the Forbidden Forest.