Alex's Nice Guy Ex Knows Every Trick in the 'Supergirl' Book

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Alex Danvers, Supergirl’s beloved adopted sister, finds herself in the middle of a mess on this week’s Supergirl. Captured by an unknown villain, Alex is locked away in a box while Kara and Maggie are pitted against each other.

Spoilers for Supergirl Season 2, Episode 19 below.

It seems Supergirl has been getting under Maggie’s skin. At the beginning of the episode, Maggie has been working a job for hours, negotiating with criminals to walk out of a building on their own terms. But then Supergirl swoops in, solving the problem in seconds with her usual enthusiasm — which has, apparently, resulted in some legal problems in National City. Criminals are getting lesser sentences due to Kara’s lack of care.

Kara and Maggie get into a fight over dinner that night after Kara’s boyfriend, Mon-El, makes an off-handed remark about not understanding the need for police officers. Maggie doesn’t take kindly to that sentiment.

What ensues from there is Alex being kidnapped and waking up in a reflective box. The kidnapper is revealed to be an ex-boyfriend of Alex’s, whose father has been imprisoned. This villain knows every trick in the book, taking into account his ability to manipulate Maggie with her love for Alex and Kara’s habit of flying blindly into a situation.

This guy knows Supergirl could break his father out, but when Kara refuses to soil the Supergirl name — as demanded by Alex via video chat — Maggie takes matters into her own hands, compromising her morals to save the woman she loves.

Supergirl flies in to stop Maggie from breaking the father out. Once again, a sentimental speech from Kara to a potential villain saves the day as she plays to a person’s weaknesses in the best way possible. Kara and Maggie find Alex with the father’s help and save her just before she drowns.

Meanwhile, while all of this was going on, Lena Luthor side-stepped anti-Supergirl sentiment from Rhea, Mon-El’s mom. But not really. The final scene of the episode has Lena calling Kara and setting up brunch for the next morning. It appears Lena and Rhea are going to “change the world,” whatever that means. It’s definitely something bad and mass-murdery, but fans will have to wait until next week to find out what it is.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern on The CW. The Season 2 finale will broadcast on May 22.

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