No One Knows Exactly When 'Star Trek: Discovery' Will Launch


The voyages of the starship Discovery might be a little delayed again — or they could still be running on time. Rumors spawned from an interview with CBS Interactive President Marc DeBevoise have fans riled up over the possibility of yet another push for the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery’s premiere date. But that’s all they are for now: rumors.

DeBevoise recently spoke with Vulture about CBS’s upcoming All Access plans, and was, of course, asked about the progress of the highly anticipated Discovery.

“It’s going great,” DeBevoise said. “It is, you know, phenomenal. It is huge. And we’re very excited about the content, the creators, the actors, all coming together. As you said, we’re not tied to any specific release date. It’ll be there when we’re ready to do it, and when we feel it’s in a great place. We’re not worried about anything here. We’re excited, and we’ll have more specifics as we get closer to what will likely be the release dates.”

Despite DeBevoise’s reassurances that things are going well, a lot of fans are taking the comment that the show still isn’t “tied to any specific release date” as a bad omen of sorts. The Discovery release date has already been pushed several times. Back in September 2016, the show’s release date was pushed from January 2017 to May 2017. Now, Discovery is expected sometime this fall. But, as DeBevoise pointed out, there’s still no specific release date attached to the project.


“We’re not stating,” DeBevoise said when pushed for a date, firmly dashing fan hopes for a specific day to mark on calendars. But just because the studio doesn’t feel comfortable handing a release date to the public doesn’t mean things are delayed yet again.

Keep it logical, people. As Mr. Spock said at the end of The Wrath of Khan: “There are always … possibilities.”

Star Trek: Discovery is still expected sometime this Fall, streaming on CBS All Access.

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