'iZombie' Treats Human Brains Like Party Drugs

This is all feeling a little 'True Blood.'

This week on iZombie, Major invites his zombie-soldier buddy back to the house to get high on “Zumba instructor brain” and play video games. Earlier in the episode, we watch Blaine’s father and his former crony plan out their zombie nightclub, in which “the only humans allowed in are appetizers.” iZombie is beginning to treat its human brains like True Blood’s blood substitute, and the show’s mythos is more fun for it.

The show also expands its world by depicting Major in training. He improves in the art of killing while he’s actually dying (again?), slowly and painfully losing lung function due to the zombie virus. One of two things will happen in Season 3: Either Blaine will take Ravi’s newest cure and regain his memories, leaving an “out” open for Major, or Major will lose his memories and will be able to find a connection with Liv again.

'iZombie''s new love triangle heats up in Season 3

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The most unhappy characters on iZombie are the few who are still alive; without the benefits of eating happy people’s brains to get high, Ravi and Peyton are reduced to bickering about the fact that she once had sex with Blaine, whom Ravi can’t stand. They’re not even a couple in the show, and Ravi still seems to think he gets a say in where Peyton sleeps at night. It’s all very frustrating, especially watching a former fan favorite act increasingly like a douchebag. Ravi, come back man, you’re better than this.

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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