New Star Wars Comic Reveals How the Hell Captain Phasma Survived

Perhaps the most disappointing part of the otherwise good Star Wars: The Force Awakens was how much of a missed opportunity Captain Phasma was. The chrome-plated stormtrooper boss should’ve been evil sci-fi Brienne of Tarth, but instead, Gwendoline Christie got precious little to do. The last we saw of her, she’d been thrown into a garbage compactor on Starkiller Base, which exploded shortly afterward. She’s not dead, though. Somehow, she escaped and will be back in The Last Jedi, and a new comic book series is going to explain just how the hell that happened.

The four-issue Marvel Comics mini-series, Captain Phasma, is being written by Kelly Thomas with art by Marco Checchetto. The comic will tell Phasma’s tale, revealing how she managed to get out of a trash compactor (which, as we saw in Episode IV, isn’t easy without help). Then it’ll explain how she was able to flee Starkiller Base right before the entire planet was obliterated. After explaining how she survived, Captain Phasma will then follow her as she regroups with the rest of the First Order, helping to set the stage for The Last Jedi.

“I’m a huge fan of both Gwendoline Christie and Phasma. Christie is magnetic and Phasma has so much fascinating untapped potential …potential which I can’t wait to help unlock for fans in our comic,” Thomas told StarWars.com, perhaps unintentionally shading The Force Awakens’s treatment of the character.

The first issue of Captain Phasma doesn’t hit stores until September, meaning it’ll likely wrap up just as The Last Jedi’s December premiere date rolls around.

The full cover for the first issue of 'Captain Phasma.'

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